Sunday, 5 June 2011

The An Post Ras.

This was my first visit to Ireland.  When bike racing you travel many miles but you don't see much of the country. Most of what you do see is from the hotel window 

or from the car window. This was my view of Dean Downing winning the first stage.

I also use my mirrors a lot.

Sometimes the views from your hotel windows are really interesting if you happen to be a mechanical engineer,

but at other times they are just what I love.

Sometimes I see riders, usually when the race is going uphill. At these times I can also observe the view as well as one has time to glance around.

Unless its raining of course, which true to form it does a lot in Ireland.

When the action hots up one can see up to four cars simultaneously.

Each day when the work is done I hold a meeting with Casey Munro an Aussie rider  to whom I'm trying to introduce the finer points of European culture.

Which means he drinks Guinness whilst mine is a pint of Murphy's.

Followed by a Gaelic lesson, although if the truth be told I learn't more Aussie slang than he learnt Gaelic.

One big lesson I learnt which I pass on to all. Never allow a rider to catch hold of your car. He will be ejected from the race and you will be relagated to tail end Charlie at the nether regions of the convoy.

Then all you will do is stare at this car. Unless that is your riders get into the day's break, and then when they are  a minute up raise their hand and call you forward to join them.

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